Argh, sitting all day at the office is affecting your butt — and not in a good way

Whether it’s for an office job, a home job, or studying, if you find yourself sitting for hours at a time, there is a chance you may be counteracting some of the hard work you put into your workout routines.

That’s right: There is such a thing as “office ass” and it basically means that if you’re spending a lot of time sitting on your bottom, it could lose some of its “perk” and you won’t see all the glory of the hard work and exercise you put into toning your behind.


What can you do to prevent this? As Abby Bales explains to the New York Post,  the solution is pretty simple. “The more you sit, the more you have the chance of developing a flatter booty,” says Bales. “So the first line of defense is to stand up more.” That’s right: Literally getting up more can help.

Bales suggests taking regular breaks and walking around your office for about five minutes every hour you’re awake. In terms of more specific exercises, Bales suggests everyone’s favorite butt workout: squats.

Mind you, “office ass” refers to basically the appearance of your butt. You, of course, still have the overall health benefits of your work outs and long walks, even if your office job is basically flattening your butt into a pancake. But hey, nothing is more important than embracing and loving your body, no matter what your behind looks like.