Aretha Franklin gave a 5 minute performance of the National Anthem and no one could handle it

While most people yesterday were enjoying family time and turkey, Aretha Franklin was performing a five minute rendition of the National Anthem.

It’s no secret that Aretha Franklin is absolutely incredible. She could sing everything from Adele to the phonebook and we’d be all ears. We still get chills watching her ode to Carole King with “Natural Woman.” Therefore it only seems fitting that she’d completely wow us (and it seems the rest of America) with her lengthy rendition of the National Anthem.

Aretha was performing ahead of the Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings Thanksgiving Day game at Detroit’s Ford Field on Thursday (November 24th).

Sitting at a piano in humongous fur coat and a knit Detroit Lions hat, she gave a truly emotional, powerful, and awe inpsiring performance. She is the Queen of Soul after all.


It’s safe to say that the crowd at the Ford Field completely lost their minds following the slowed down performance.

Similarly, people online couldn’t quite handle Aretha’s performance.



Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher, James Taillon, was thankful that he wasn’t playing that day, too.

"Thankful Aretha Franklin doesn't sing the Anthem when I pitch," he wrote. "pretty sure I would have to go back to the pen and warm back up #pipesthough [sic]"

However, one thing was pretty certain: Aretha Franklin slays.


Basically, Aretha, you rule.

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