Are You “Kesha Close” With Your Mom?

Ke$ha is proud of her vagina and is also close with her mom, Pebe Sebert. “But think, Ke$ha,” she said to herself one day while riding an inflatable dolphin in a swimming pool full of glitter and PBR, “How can I combine them?” And like the bolts of lightening she paints on her face, it hit her: “I’ll write a song about my vagina with my mom.” I’ll let Ke$ha take over from here. As quoted in The Huffington Post:

Good heavens, of COURSE! By George, she’s got it!

I’m confused. You just said your car didn’t work very well but then your car turned into a vagina so then wouldn’t your vagina work like your car? What the hell am I even typing right now?

To get this out of the way, I actually have no problem with Ke$ha. I think ‘Tik Tok’ is one of the best pop songs ever written. I defended that here and I’ll defend it forever, which is ridiculous, because I shouldn’t have to defend liking a song, but apparently liking anything about Ke$ha means that you are on the bottom rung of society. I feel like any time I say I like a pop song or a pop artist, I have to then post an Instagrammed photo of my vinyl collection to even it out.

I’m pretty close with my mom and always have been. For a while the two of us were roommates, just a couple of single gals living together. That could get kind of weird in the sense that, well, we’re both dating, we’re both adults, and um, are you going to be home tonight? You know? She also reads my blog even though I’ve asked her not to, because of things that happen like this:

Of course there’s nothing I can do, if she wants to read my blog, she can read it. It’s on the Internet. Anyone can read it. I just wish my mom (and dad) opted not to. I once had to make a post that said simply, “DAD STOP READING THIS BLOG.”

So, no, I don’t go quite as far as being “Ke$ha close” with my mom, but we are close and I do wonder sometimes if it’s weird that we have those best friend moments in addition to mom and daughter moments. Honestly, when I need guy advice, she’s one of the first people I ask, but I don’t describe my sex life to her and she has no idea what sort of car my vagina would be.

Are you “Ke$ha (or even just Kesha) Close” with your mom (or dad)?

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