Ardency Inn released the perfect set for those of us who are eye makeup obsessed

There are so many gorgeous ways to draw attention to your eyes, and switching up the look you go for can dramatically change your appearance with such minimal effort. One day you can smudge it out for a sexy rockstar look. The next, you can keep it real natural with just a few coats of mascara. After that, go for an exotic winged liquid line. Whatever you choose to do, a few essential eye makeup items are beauty collection musts.

Or you could just nab this one product, which will allow you to create a whole slew of looks for just $39. Ardency Inn released the brand’s newest value set and it’s a perfectly edited set of all the basic eye makeup products you’ll need.

The “Best of Eyes” set is limited edition and contains a black mascara, a black eye pencil, a black liquid liner, and a gorgeous rose-gold pigment to soften things up should you decide to step away from the black eye makeup.

We love the versatility of this set: There are so many beauty value buys out there at this time of year, but a lot of them include flashy products or a huge variety of one type of item. This set, on the other hand, is just that perfect mix of items you’ll actually use every day. There’s no sparkly orange eyeshadow here (not that we don’t love sparkly orange eyeshadow) — it’s just a solid, classic set of eye makeup essentials that can be used separately or together or in conjunction with all the other pieces of eye makeup in your collection.


Interested? Get it here for $39!

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