This arctic fox laughs like a human, is all of us on Friday

Here at HelloGiggles, we know there’s nothing quite like a cute animal story to kick off the weekend. That’s why in the past, we’ve brought you such stories as this list of 10 baby animals that are too cute for words, and videos like this one about adorable (and often unexpected) animal friendships. Today is no different.

Kristina Schafer of Battlecreek, Michigan recently attained viral fame after she posted a video of her adorable arctic fox, Archer, and his human-like laugh. 25-year-old Schafer got Archer when he was just a pup and has been his mommy for four years now, and has even taught her furry friend to sit on command. The coolest thing about Archer, though, is definitely his laugh, which he seems to do whenever anyone else laughs.

In the video, Schafer’s boyfriend laughs first and a visibly sleepy Archer responds with his own high-pitched sounds that definitely resembles human laughter. Watching him totally made me smile and my two-year-old also got a kick out of Archer’s hilarious chuckles, proving once more our point that animals are truly funnier than all of us. Hope that helped add a little joy to your Friday afternoon!