We’re still getting used to what Archie looks like now. Give us time.

Archie Andrews, of Archie Comics fame, is technically almost 75. So he’s opting for a major facelift. A recent deep-dive by Maclean’s explored the changing face of Archie, part of a reboot of the comic book series slated for later this year.

Here’s the deal: He’s still got his iconic reddish-orange hair, but basically everything else about him is different. It’s weird. This is no longer the same tic-tac-toe-haired Archie we grew up with. Now he’s sporting low-rise skinny jeans, walking around with a guitar strapped to his back (does he even play?), perpetually wearing earbuds and the kind of facial expression that suggests someone’s gotten kind of a big head from all the Betty/Veronica attention. Basically, this Archie wouldn’t be caught dead saying “Edgads!” or driving a Jalopy or chilling with Mr. Weatherbee.  See for yourself.

Now for comparison, check out vintage Archie. He wasn’t the coolest dude in school, but hey, he meant well. I mean those upturned eyebrows?

The biggest conflicts for vintage Archie was how to deal with Mr. Lodge, who to take to prom, how to put up with, ugh, Reggie, and how to reconcile his desire to be with Veronica, who was kind of obnoxious to him. And we mentioned that broken-down Jalopy, right? In recent years, he’s actually confronted zombies, suffered an assassination, and a bunch of other weird stuff. That was nothing.

Now, things are getting really real, Archie is joining the post-millennial generation, and he’s preoccupied with the weirdness of life as a teenager in 2015.

According to a company press release, the revamp will include “a bold, subversive take on Archie, Betty, Veronica, and their friends, exploring the surreality of small-town life and the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade.” Oh dear.

The reboot, written by Mark Waid, who penned both Captain America and the Flash, will revisit the beginning of Archie’s story, and the first few issues will focus on Veronica arriving at Riverdale and sparking the initial love triangle between Betty, Archie and Miss V. So where’s the surreal stuff? I guess when you think about it, things have been pretty weird in small-town Riverdale for a while. I mean, one milkshake and three straws? Who does that?

Still, I’m really going to miss Archie’s super-huge adorable freckles. Just saying.

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