If you’ve eaten at Arby’s recently, your credit card security could be at risk

We never want to live our lives in fear of what could happen, but sometimes things do go wrong — even in huge restaurant chains that are responsible for upholding the highest of security measures. We just heard from Delish that Arby’s was just hit with a massive security breach, and hundreds of locations are affected.

The breach targets corporate stores, and has apparently put “more than 355,000 customers’ banking information at risk for hacking.”

Yikes. Here’s what Arby’s said in an official statement to Krebs Security:

"Upon learning of the incident, ARG immediately notified law enforcement and enlisted the expertise of leading security experts, including Mandiant. While the investigation is ongoing, ARG quickly took measures to contain this incident and eradicate the malware from systems at restaurants that were impacted."

BUT WAIT! What if we’ve eaten at Arby’s recently and used a card to pay?

via giphyWell, there’s no need to sound the alarm just yet.

But it’s necessary to check your bank statements and credit card information to make sure there’s nothing suspicious on there.

FYI, it’s good to get in the habit of checking that information every month, not just when you anticipate something to be wrong. If you do find a charge that you don’t remember making, all you need to do is call your bank.  And if you’re really uncomfortable with the idea that your information could be in the wrong hands, you can always cancel your card and order a new one (a hassle, we know, but it definitely will ensure you’re safe from this particular breach).

via giphyAnd yes, this is honestly make us really hungry. To Arby’s! (But maybe with cash).