Today in fan theories: Aria on ‘PLL’ is not who you think she is

So Big A was finally revealed on Pretty Little Liars, and because of that we’ve been sleeping better (funny how we suddenly found time for zzzzz’s when we were no longer up all night, freaking out over different A theories). But just because we know who’s behind the Black A Hoodie doesn’t mean all the secrets of PLL have been uncovered. There are still a lot of unanswered questions out there, and two PLL fans have just come up up with a new theory that suggests something a lot of us have kinda thought all along: we shouldn’t trust Aria.

I KNOW, Aria seems like a perfectly cool gal, who’s mega into arts and literature, but there’s always been something a little bit different about her. Many viewers even thought she was going to be A, due to the fact that the A texts first started happening as soon as she returned from Iceland and Mona called her “Big A” that one time. Alas, that theory has been disproven. However, just because she’s not A doesn’t mean she’s not someone else completely terrifying, who might have a big impact on the show when it returns for Season 6B.

According to PLL superfans Kristin Weiss and Ashley Payne, they believe that everything on the show has taken place inside of Aria’s head, and that she’s been inside Radley Sanitarium this whole time. But wait, there’s more. Aria has been in Radley, but it’s all part of a much LARGER plot between her and Ezra to commit the “perfect crime.”

Their theory states that Aria had a twin sister named Alice growing up, and that when they were kids Aria killed her. Aria was then sent away to Radley where she met a teacher, named Ezra. Kristin and Ashley are also pretty sure that Aria’s doctor is Wren.

Pulling from characters in her own life, Aria wrote a murder mystery novel — with Ezra’s encouragement — reflecting her past present crimes. In a Basic Instincts like plot, thanks to the book, no one would suspect her of actually committing these horrid acts. In the end, Aria and Ezra then sneak out of Radley together, going off to commit one of the “perfect crimes” in Aria’s book, and the two disappear into the night.


As crazy as it sounds, and it does sound crazy, this theory actually makes sense. Suspicions have always been high around Aria, and the show has played up a twin-theory before, but that has yet to actually materialize on the show. Not only that, we know Aria loves to write, and so does Ezra. This theory does make them out to be criminals, but it still wouldn’t be the CRAZIEST thing we’ve ever seen happen on PLL. It would also explain a few plot holes, especially those surrounding Aria’s family, and also Wren.

If you want to check out the whole mind-blowing theory, you can read it in full here. In the meantime, though, do you really think Aria could have concocted this whole story in her mind as a novel? It would certainly make for one killer read.

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