Aquarius season is asking you to channel the magical Luna Lovegood

Happy Aquarius season, one and all! It’s time to celebrate the eccentric water bearer and her humanitarian heart. After a grounded, earthy Capricorn season, Aquarius season — which lasts from January 21st to February 20th — can feel like a treat. The energy is lighter, since Aquarius in an air sign, and a lot more eccentric than its predecessor. If Capricorn season asked us to find the finish line, but to get there slowly and steadily, Aquarius season is asking us to buckle in as our most unique and giving selves. Aquarius season is asking you to shine, without shame, like the star you are! Are you willing to listen?

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, represented by the water bearer.

The glyph for Aquarius is two lines of water, appropriate because this sign is the water bearer. Not the water itself, but the vessel holding it; this represents Aquarius caring for humanity’s emotions. Aquarius like to think of the big picture, focusing on how they can use their individual powers to serve the greater good. Many think the water bearer is a water sign, but in truth it’s an air sign. This means that Aquarians have the tendency to future trip, be in their heads all the time, and to generally zone out during their day-to-day interactions because they’re more worried about what else is out there.

If there’s one thing Aquarians hate, it’s conformity — so do things your own way.

If there’s one thing the great Aquarians of the Aquarian age have taught us, it’s that it’s more fun to follow your own path. Nothing kills the vibe of the water bearer quite like conformity. Aquarius energy is known for being forward-thinking, innovative, and original. The best way to channel that during the season? By being your weirdest, truest self.

If there’s a time to try something new, or to do something because you want to do it, the time is now. It’s time to let your freak flag fly. Try that pole dancing class, buy yourself those thigh-high boots you were scared to rock, go dancing, or dye your hair a new color. Ask yourself what will make your soul sing and then do just that. As astrologer Jessica Adams points out, Aquarius season is also about working together:

"Aquarius season puts the spotlight on groups, teams, clubs, political parties, social networks — and tribes of all kinds — until February 18th.  The best way to use this time is to really learn about how the 'hive mind' works and also analyse P.G.P. (Peer Group Pressure) a little more, so you can figure out how your tribes work."

[subbheader]Then do something for someone else.[/subheader]

Besides honoring your own unique spirit, another way to work with the energy of Aquarius season is to do something for someone else. This sign is all about helping the world and making it a better place, so go ahead — volunteer and donate your time to a cause you’re passionate about. You can also donate money, sign up for a volunteer training session, or help someone close to you by being there for them (even if it’s paying for their dinner after a breakup). And don’t forget the little things either — buy someone else coffee, smile at a stranger, and share your love with the world.

Aquarius season is also a time when we’re asked to step into the spotlight. As Jessica explains,

"The Aquarius lesson is that a group always needs a leader, or shared leadership (at least), and that means at some point, total democracy has to give way to respect for, and loyalty to, the Kings or Queens of the court. At the same time, as every band knows, if the lead singer does not catch the same tour bus and check into the same hotel with the drummer, bass player, and guitarist, it's the end. You can't really rule the group without being part of the group. Watch Oprah (an Aquarius) in February, too, and her relationship with the Democrats. It's a lesson."

The tarot card for Aquarius is The Star.

This tarot card displays a person pouring two jugs of water into a stream. It’s a water bearer! This card is a wonderful omen that speaks of guidance from the universe, emotional fulfillment, and bliss. Remember wishing on a star? The Star card is like the star you wish on…if it actually answered your wishes. It’s a message from above. reminding us that we’re supported, that our dreams are unfolding, and that we just have to trust in our feelings and our work down here in the physical realm.

You can work with this tarot card by meditating and journaling on it. If you have an altar, you can place it on it, or somewhere you can see it often. If you don’t have a tarot deck, you can always print out the image of this card. You can also write a wish and place it under the card to help it manifest.

Work with amethyst this Aquarius season, to help heal and restore.

Amethyst is the birthstone to those born in February, and a perfect stone to work with during Aquarius season. Besides being an incredibly healing and psychic stone, Amethyst helps promote healthy habits and helps us get in touch with our own emotional needs. It can be scary to face the world as your truest self, and if there’s any pain or trauma associated with this, amethyst can help one heal. Plus, this stone is associated with the third eye, the psychic center located between the eyebrows, so this crystal can help us trust our intuition and our own path.

Work with Amethyst by meditating with it, keeping it under your pillow or on your night stand for psychic dreams, or on your altar. You can also print out photos of the crystal if you don’t own it.

Channel your inner Oprah, Luna Lovegood, and Yoko Ono this Aquarius season.

If you don’t know where to start in getting your Aquarius mood on, then just think of the Aquarius trifecta: Oprah, Luna Lovegood, and Yoko Ono. Oprah has made an incredibly successful career out of using her voice to help empower and support others, all while having the most fun! Luna Lovegood is eccentric, loving ,and totally unique (and that’s probably her biggest strength). Yoko Ono has been an activist for decades, using her art as a way to help heal the world. All three of these women exemplify the Aquarius spirit — they are unique, passionate, humanitarian, and strong because they know who they are.

No matter how you celebrate Aquarius season, may you remember that you will shine when you honor who you are. Go get ’em, tiger!

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