The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here to introduce you to your power

Think back to where you were six months ago. February probably feels like forever ago, but the energies we were feeling back then aren’t that different from those we’re feeling today. That’s because, in February, we were going through eclipse season, which just so happens to start today.

August 7th marks the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, kicking off eclipse season and a major gateway for some cosmic transformation. On August 21st, we also have a new moon solar eclipse alongside Mercury Retrograde, so you can expect some major energies this month. Thankfully, we have your guide on how to stay afloat during this intense time, so you can kill it while feeling supported by the universe.

A partial lunar eclipse, which happened today, occurs when the earth’s shadow blocks part of the sun’s light. Later this month, we’ll have a total solar eclipse, which happens when the moon makes her way between the earth and the sun, blocking all the sun’s light. So what does this mean for you?

If the moon represents our subconscious, our most emotional, intuitive, connected self, and the sun represents our active, thoughtful, intentional, action-oriented self, then this eclipse season is shining light on the parts of ourselves that we like to leave in the dark. Have a relationship pattern that needs breaking? Been running yourself into the wall and completely ignoring self-care?

All the deepest aspects of our psyche are illuminated during eclipse season, so expect things to find their way out of the woodwork.

Astrologer and founder of the Midheaven, Amelia Quint, has some advice for working with the eclipse — specifically when it comes to your own chart. She told us,

"Your astrology chart will look like a circle divided into 12 parts. Those parts are called 'houses.' Each of the twelve houses corresponds to a different part of your life, like love or career. When you figure out what house the eclipse is spotlighting in your chart, you’ll know where you can expect changes and be ready when they happen. Another thing you can do is to make your own eclipse ritual. It doesn’t have to be something big! Sitting under the stars, lighting a candle, making a wish, or putting your favorite crystals outside to soak up the eclipse vibes are all simple and easy ways to celebrate."

Another theme of the eclipse-full moon? Surrendering to what is and letting it unfold naturally. The moon is in the sign of Aquarius, the most eccentric of the signs. Aquarians love to do things their own way, so the lessons you learn during this time will probably keep to this theme. In other words: Expect the unexpected. As for the sun, it’s in Leo, the sign of the lion, who loves being the center of attention. With this in mind, and considering that the moon is in humanitarian Aquarius, the eclipse is also asking us to see our own selves, and our drama, in the grande scheme of things. Can you take a step back and see the bigger picture?

The eclipse is a time to look back at the past six months with self-compassion. It’s a time to meditate, relax, take a bath, and work with the tarot. It’s not a time for full-on magick-making, spell work, or intense ritual work because the energy is already so intense and chaotic. Instead, try taking a hands-off approach to working with the rhythm of the full moon. This is a time when your hard work is paying off, so just relax and let it happen. If you’re feeling inspired to add some magick to your day, then read on for your lunar prescriptions to help you get through this eclipse.

A moon-gazing meditation.

Find time to go outside and sit under the moon. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, feeling the base of your spine melting into a golden cord that connects to the core of the earth. Feel supported and rooted in this energy. Imagine the crown of your head receiving the moon’s shining white light. Feel the energy of the cosmos move from the crown of your head, to between your eyes, to your throat, and down to your heart. Then, imagine the golden energy that’s rooting you to the earth moving up the base of your spine, up your solar plexus, and to your heart. The white energy of the cosmos and the golden energy of the earth meet in your heart, mingling and holding space for you. You are loved, supported, cared for and allowed to heal.

Open your eyes and gaze at the moon for five to ten minutes. Does she say anything? Does she help you feel anything? When you’re done, imagine all the energy moving down to the core of the earth. Press your forehead into the ground (as you would with child’s pose) ,and return any excess energy to the earth. You can ask the moon (or any deities, guides, gods, goddesses, or masters you work with) for guidance, love, and compassion during this eclipse season.

Affirmations for the eclipse full moon.

For some cosmic support during this eclipse full moon, try using one (or all) of these mantras throughout your day…

I am held, supported, and cared for as I move through major life transitions.

The universe is working in my highest favor. 

I integrate the powerful energies of this season into my being, effortlessly.

A tarot card prescription for the eclipse.

If you’re inspired to work with the tarot during this full moon, use these cards as a starting point. Sit with them, meditate with them, research them, journal with them…This tarot prescription is a reminder that every aspect of your being is important; even those scary, hurting parts that feel like they’re too much or not enough.

Strength: Strength is the card for inner resilience. It’s also the perfect card for Leo, and for the passion and power that comes with believing in yourself. Use the strength card to meditate on what it means for you to stand fully in yourself. If all the veils keeping you from realizing your full power were pulled back, what would be left?

The Moon: The Moon connects us to our intuition, to our dreams, to the darkness that resides in our bones. Oftentimes, this is a part of ourself that we ignore. It’s the part of us that’s angry, or sad, or bitchy, or kinky; all those things that we’re told to hide away in a corner because they’re too big and not “ladylike” enough. This lunar eclipse is asking you to integrate these aspects into your life with compassion.

The Star: The Star is to Aquarius what Strength is to Leo. The Star is a card of destiny, of good fortune, of dreams coming true. Meditate on this card. If this eclipse was to illuminate your soul’s desire, what would it look like? What would have to shift to allow this to manifest? You don’t have to feel guilty or scared for knowing what you want, and for going after it.

Crystals to work with.

A full moon is the perfect time to charge and cleanse your crystals. And this month’s lunar eclipse will only help clear away any stagnant energy from your stones. Work with moonstone to connect to the feminine essence of the moon herself, alongside your own intuition, and whisper your desires to her under the moon. You can also work with amethyst, the birthstone of those born in February (aka Aquarius season) for healing, and for connecting to your higher power. You can also work with clear quartz, the king of all stones, who works to integrate energy and connect you to your higher self.

Happy Full Moon Eclipse! Enjoy the season, and don’t forget to say hello to the moon.

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