An Astrologer Breaks Down Aquarius’ Romantic Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

Few signs can keep up with this air sign's free-spirited nature.

When it comes to love, Aquarius needs someone who will love them wholeheartedly and unconditionally. This air sign is rebellious and independent by nature, so they don’t like to be held down by the rules or expectations of others and would prefer to march to the beat of their own drum. “With this sign, perhaps more than any other, their partners must love them as they are or peacefully walk on,” says HelloGiggles’ resident astrologer, Lisa Stardust.

Aquarius’ confident and free-spirited mentality might make them come off as emotionally distant or unavailable at times but the truth is their intelligent and pragmatic ways make them deeply empathetic. Get on an Aquarius’ good side, and you’ll find a bestie and soulmate for life.

But what does it take to break down the barriers of the independent and idealistic water-bearer? To find out, Stardust breaks down the most (and least) compatible romantic partners for Aquarius, according to your zodiac. Ahead, find out if you and Aquarius are a match made in heaven or better off in the friend zone.

Aquarius and Aries

Aquarius and Aries both know how to be unapologetically themselves, which will be the reason they’ll fall madly in love with one another. “Both signs have rebel hearts, which allows Aquarius to feel understood and seen by their precious ram counterpart,” says Stardust. “The two together do not need approval from society, which allows the water-bearer to feel more warm and cozy with the wild ram.”

Aquarius and Taurus

Earth signs, like Taurus, can appreciate art and a good party, which will be a common ground for these two. However, it isn’t a strong enough bond to make for a successful long-term relationship. “Although these fixed signs often find themselves in relationships, it mostly manifests as a memorable but passing liaison because Aquarius is too free-spirited to plant the roots Taurus craves,” says Stardust.

Aquarius and Gemini 

“Aquarius loves vibing with their co-air sign, Gemini,” shares Stardust. “The two have lots in common and talk throughout the night into dawn about exciting new things.” For things to work, though, both need to fully understand and accept their partner’s emotional side, which often gets misunderstood by others.

Aquarius and Cancer 

Cancers are reserved and guided by their emotions. They’d much rather spend a cozy night with someone special at home, which is the complete antithesis of how Aquarius chooses to live their life. Aquarius listen to their mind over their heart and are naturally social creatures that would never turn down a night out with friends. “This lack of understanding may irritate the water-bearer if the two don’t find common ground,” says Stardust.

Aquarius and Leo 

On paper, Aquarius and Leo may seem like a perfect match because of their sociability. On a deeper level, though, they don’t see eye-to-eye very often, explains Stardust. “Leo puts their needs first while Aquarius tends to focus on the needs of others,” she says. Until these two can fully accept each other for how they are, they’re better off as friends.

Aquarius and Virgo 

Aquarius and Virgo are both intellects making communication between the two effortless. Because communication is key to any healthy relationship, this mutual understanding will allow them to be a stable and well-suited couple, says Stardust.

Aquarius and Libra  

In a romantic relationship, Libra’s are all about spoiling their partner with love and attention. While Aquarius will love the admiration, Libra needs to be careful not to come off too clingy for the independent water-bearer. As long as Libra respects Aquarius’ alone time, these two can share a great romance, says Stardust.

Aquarius and Scorpio 

Similar to Libras, Scorpios are very passionate and loving in their romantic relationships. Aquarius is drawn to their mysterious and magnetic nature but the second they feel that Scorpios are becoming possessive, instead of appreciating them as an individual, is when they’ll be trouble in paradise, says Stardust.

Aquarius and Sagittarius 

“This duo finds solace and harmony with each other,” says Stardust. “Their relationship starts with common ground, as they usually connect through group activities and mutual friends. They have a humanitarian streak that binds them together.”

Aquarius and Capricorn

Remember when we said Aquarius likes to march to the beat of their own drum? Well, Capricorn loves to play by the book in all facets of life, which creates dissonance between these two signs.

Aquarius and Aquarius 

What do you get when you put two water-bearers together? Unconditional, passionate, and irrevocable love. “The ground shatters, lightning lights up the sky, and the tides crash when the electric duo of Aquarius-on-Aquarius unites,” says Stardust. “Together, they cause riots, uproot beliefs, and change the norms of society. They can even challenge the conventions of a normal relationship.”

Aquarius and Pisces 

Deeply emotional signs, like Pisces, can make or break when it comes to romantic partnerships with Aquarius. As long as these two can understand their differences and prioritize open communication, Stardust says the outcome will be nothing short of a fairytale.