Aquarium nails are the beautifully-intricate trend taking over Instagram

Thank goodness for the Internet: It keeps us up to date on late-breaking news, current events worldwide, and, most importantly, crazy nail art trends. Lately, we’ve seen bubble nails popping up on Instagram, along with pencil designs and tons of glitter. But all of those fads were happening on the outside of the nail – boring!

Recently, beauty geniuses have been experimenting inside the nail, inserting gel, sparkles, and water into hollow acrylics. It’s hard work, but it results in a hypnotizing aquarium nail, full of whosits and whatsits galore that move around as if they were floating in the ocean. The fashion became Facebook famous when a Vietnamese talk show called 2! Idol shared a video of a gorgeous aquarium nail with floating hearts created at Tony’s Nails in Wichita Falls, Texas. That 15-second video rolled in almost 400,000 views and inspired artists all over the world to try their hand at the new trend.

Fortunately, as far as we know, no one has successfully put a live fish in their aquarium nails. Here are some of the manicures that are pretty cool anyway:

These have tiny gold hoops in them!

And these blue sparkles shimmer in an almost patriotic way.

Have you ever seen such a perfect bubble? INSIDE A NAIL?

Why even pretend mermaid fashion is subtle?

You can buy your own aquarium nail kit on Amazon, but to be honest, it looks kind of intimidating. Probably because it comes with a syringe. Painting your own nails is hard enough (well, with your non-dominant hand, anyway), so it must be fairly difficult to not only secure acrylic pieces on your own fingers, but also use a medical-looking syringe to fill each of them with glitter and magic.

Maybe this one requires a trip to the salon.

(Image via here.)