This episode of “Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23” predicted “Jessica Jones”

Before Krysten Ritter was the badass, kick-butt, super sassy Marvel superheroine Jessica Jones, she was the badass, kick-butt, super sassy Chloe, better known as the Bitch in Apartment 23. Though ABC’s Don’t Trust the B — was short-lived (RIP!), it survives in the hearts and Netflix queues of fans forever. You could say that if their circumstances were a little different, Chloe and Jessica would get along.


At least during Happy Hour.


What most people don’t know is that Don’t Trust the B — totally predicted Krysten’s future as Jessica Jones. In the seventh episode of season one, it’s revealed that Chloe is the star of a Japanese comic book (or “graphic novel,” she insists).


Her character’s loosely translated name is Tall Slut No Panties. She doesn’t drive a motorcycle, but she does sip a martini while someone else drives one for her.


Her super power is starting the party at whatever club she walks into.


Oh and she wears a marshmallow wig. Because obviously.


To be honest, Jessica Jones would completely destroy Tall Slut No Panties in a fight, but there is an important moral to this story: Krysten Ritter was always destined to bring a comic book character to life. If anything, she is more comic book heroine than regular human.


Her career was written in the sitcom stars.

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