April the Giraffe is giving birth RIGHT NOW!

After months of waiting and millions of views, the Youtube star April the Giraffe is finally in labor, and you can watch it! April, a giraffe at New York’s Animal Adventure Park, has been keeping us all waiting for months with one of the most watched animal YouTube live-streams of all time.

But now the time has finally come! At 4:45 this morning, April’s twitter account put out this announcement:

And of course, the world rushed to their minimized window of April’s livestream to see the miracle happen.

And as of 6:45 AM, the birth is still ongoing! Poor April!


And even if you miss the momentous moment when a baby giraffe drops multiple feet to the ground in definitely one of the most shocking types of animal birth, you may still get to see what we’ve all been waiting for: one adorable little giraffe calf!

UPDATE: At just before 7 AM, April gave birth, and that’s what we call starting the weekend right! Now let’s all go awwwwww over the world’s newest giraffe member!