Here’s what this week’s powerful Full Pink Moon means for your zodiac sign

Since the Full Worm Moon rose in March, your relationships may have felt heavy and intense. A lot of fogginess, romanticism, and bliss have been present, and we’ve also seen some relationships dissolved—along with relationship patterns—while illusions and dreams have been ever present.

The high qualities of love have been swirling around us: compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditionality. We’ve all been more aware of these themes, but we haven’t necessarily been able to put them into practice just yet. Well, worry no more, the time has arrived to confront realities and put into practice all that we have subconsciously learned in the last months.

The Libra Full Moon, which reaches its peak at 7:12 a.m. EST on April 19th, is power-packed and promises deep transformational change in our relationships—and within our emotional systems overall.

The April full moon, also known as the Full Pink Moon, is opposite Uranus and square Pluto and Saturn, so revelations will emerge in relationships. Some new beginnings will occur very suddenly, and sudden endings may take you by surprise. Whatever the situation for you, expect sudden emotional breakthroughs and an overall feeling of liberation; you’ll be freed from patterns that were weighting you down.

All will occur with a hefty dose of realism, an understanding of the obstacles on the path, and a will to wait and overcome difficulties. We aren’t in hazy Pisces energy anymore—we are now able to integrate into our daily lives the emotional and spiritual changes we’ve discovered in the last few months.


Brace yourself for yet another change in your relationships, Aries. You’re closing a loop and finally getting some clarity—it’s a time of enhanced love.


Time to retrieve your balance and focus on having a routine that makes you feel grounded, organized, and happy. It’s a great time to get a new routine kick-started and commit to better habits.


This is a fun full moon for you. Love affairs are highlighted, so be out and about and express yourself. If you’re creative, it’s a great time to gather new inspo, get new projects started, or indulge in some romance.


Cancer, you’re finally returning to the source after a month focused on professional achievement. You’re ready to get back to your roots and focus on your emotional and family life.


This is a very important time for you, Leo. You can expect to be rewarded professionally for all the intellectual efforts you’ve put forth in the last weeks. It’s a good time to express yourself and speak your truth.


Virgo, you’re having breakthroughs when it comes to the link between your relationships and your self-worth. You’re at a time of personal growth, so work on your self-esteem, self-worth, your boundaries, and your intimate relationship patterns.


Libra, it’s your time to shine. You’ve been exposed to a lot of revelations when it comes to your relationship patterns, and now those insights are bearing fruit. You may have felt the need to retreat, be alone, and analyze yourself, and your efforts will pay off.


This is a time of intense self-analysis for you, Scorpio (when isn’t it, really?). You’re questioning your self-love, your love for others, how you show love, and the difference between intensity and intimacy. You’re bound to make strong progress in your relationships.


Sagittarius, it’s all about business. A lot of new ideas are popping for you, and you’re going to put a lot of effort into reshaping and progressing your career. It can also be a time to focus on family and gathering with siblings.


You’re being called to question how your beliefs have been limiting your worth, material and otherwise. It’s a good time to focus on shifting mindsets and realizing the power of your thoughts.


This is a time of rebirth for you, Aquarius. This full moon marks a tipping point during which you’ll release a lot of baggage—you’ll start to move lighter, more authentically, and in a way that’s more true to yourself. You’re doing a complete reset of your values.


During this full moon, you will come to realize that your relationships have been mirrors through which you’ve been seeing yourself. This is an important time for you to integrate parts of yourself that you did not know were yours. It’s a huge opportunity for growth, Pisces—your relationships are going to be eventful and will help you achieve more peace.

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