6 Apps and Programs Women Need on Their Phones for Safety

Until we live in a safer world, these apps can keep you out of danger.

The unfortunate truth of the world around us right now is that it can be incredibly unsafe for women to simply exist, let alone do something like walk home alone. Though women are calling out for men to change their behavior, highlighting the fact that they are the root of this problem, women’s safety is still a very present concern. There is a selection of apps people can install on their phones, though, that are designed specifically for security.

If you’re alone anywhere and worried about your safety, these apps can not only give you peace of mind that you have someone (or something) there for you, but they can also quite literally save your life.


The bSafe app has a little bit of everything. Available for free on iOS and Android, bSafe allows you to link to “guardians” who will be aware of your location and can be notified in case of danger. Functionality includes an SOS button, fake calling to get you out of a situation, location sharing, voice activation, and more. There are also upgraded features for a fee, but the app itself is free.


While the Life360 app, available for free on iOS and Android, is a phone app the whole family can use, it’s also especially beneficial for women who want an added layer of safety while they’re out. This app does require a membership plan, which starts at $4 per month, and with it, you get an SOS function, location sharing, a driving summary if you’re using a car, and more. There are three plans available with added safety measures as well, including 24/7 safety assistance with a live dispatcher.


Kitestring is a text-based program that you can sign up for as a safety precaution directly on the company’s website. Once you’ve signed up, you can text Kitestring with a length of time that you expect to be out, and once that time has passed, you’ll get a text from Kitestring to check on you.

If you’re safe, you let them know. If not, your pre-programmed emergency contacts will be notified. Both a free program and a premium program are available. With the free option, you can have access to three monitored trips per month, and with the premium program—which costs $3 a month— you’ll have access to unlimited monitored trips per month.

One Scream

Download One Scream‘s app for free on iOS and Android to get access to location services that can quite literally track your scream. You’re able to program your emergency contacts into the app, and when you turn the app on—like when you’re out alone—it will be on alert for a scream. If detected, your contacts will be notified.

Red Panic Button

Red Panic Button is exactly what it sounds like. The app, available for free on iOS and Android, quite literally has a red button on the screen that you can push if you feel like you’re in danger. Once activated, the app will send an email and SMS message to your emergency contacts, notifying them that you might be in danger.


Noonlight works in conjunction with other apps on your phone to keep you safe while you’re out. You can tell the app what your plans are and specify friends and contacts that you want to be aware of what you’re doing. If you activate the Noonlight alarm, help can be sent your way depending on how you have your settings configured. Download the app for free on iOS or Android.

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