5 other apps to download if you love Google Arts and Culture

If you’ve been seeing a lot of museum portraits on Facebook, it’s probably because Google Arts and Culture selfies are taking over. In case you missed it, the app takes a selfie of you, compares it to great works of art, and then presents you with your museum doppelgänger.

Once matching you with your lookalike, the app then provides some basic info on the work and the artist, making it both addictive and educational. And if you happen to live in a big city, there’s a good chance the app will point you in the direction of a museum or gallery. Basically, it’s one of the coolest apps ever.

If you’ve already used the app a dozen times and exhausted all potential matches, fear not: There are tons of other awesome apps to rival the coolness of Google Arts and Culture, and we’ve collected the top five right here. Get ready to waste a lot of time.



Looky provides you with your celebrity doppelgängers (you just have to watch a couple short instructional videos first). Worth it!

2How old do I look?


You probably remember this phenomenon from a few years back. There are a few age-predictor apps out there, but the one in the app store by ZeFeng Cai seems to work best.

3Do I look like my parent?


If you’ve ever questioned whether or not you look more like your mom or dad, let this app — released by Tang Taoyu — be the official judge. The app is quick with an analysis, and super fun. (And even if your photo happens to be a grainy vintage picture that you snapped from your computer screen, it’ll still work!)



Surely, we’ll all age gracefully. But if you can’t wait to see what that looks like, consider downloading AgingBooth. Warning…the results aren’t for the faint of heart.

5Dog ID


Have a lovely mutt in the house of unidentified parentage? Try Dog Identifier, or in the app store, “Dog ID.” It claims it can figure out your dogs’ breed(s) by using “advanced computer vision techniques.”

Have fun.

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