7 apps that will enhance your Netflix binge

Still haven’t watched Love? Gonna hit up that weird new Will Arnett show nobody is talking about? Want to turn your bedroom into a media bunker and watch all of Daredevil in a weekend? Then make your Netflix binge EXTRA with the following apps.


When you know you’re about to enter into the void of Netflix, schedule some texts to go out in the middle of the binge, just to, you know, make sure people know you’re alive. Autotext will schedule and send texts on your behalf. During hour five of Breaking Bad a scheduled text will go out to your mom or your significant other just saying “How are you?” or “How was work?” Now you can maintain your relationships AND watch TV!


Safest Text Auto Reply

This Android based app was created to silence texts while driving, but you can also
use it to reply to incoming messages with auto-generated texts if someone messages you during a binge. Just set the outgoing message to “Leave me alone, I’m watching Master of None” and that text will go out whenever someone tries to contact you.


Netflix Remote

If you stream on a smart TV or a gaming console, you can turn your cellphone or tablet into a remote. Just download the Netflix app on both your phone and your gaming console and follow the directions here!



If you don’t want to search with Netflix’s built-in search feature (which some complain too heavily features their original content over others), use the InstantWatch app to search Netflix’s library instead. It also features a search by expiring and most popular in last 24 hours that Netflix does not.



You’re not gonna want to get up during a binge, so you’re gonna need all food delivered. Also, the brand new UberEats app is way faster than Postmates or Seamless. It has a smaller selection but its delivery fee is cheaper. Also, FASTER. Did we mention how fast it is?



What’s a Netflix binge if not a little boozy? Never leave your chamber of media to meet friends at a bar or do something social, ugh. Just have Saucey deliver you a bottle of Pinot Noir while you re-watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the umpteenth time.



You can actually stream Netflix shows IN the BuddyTV app but it’s best function is that when you search for something to watch, it aggregates content across ALL streaming sites (Hulu, HBOGo, etc) AND it shows a film’s IMDB info and Rotten Tomato score which is great if you need to look up reviews before you watch anything.