Here’s undeniable proof that Chris Hemsworth is the most adorable dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it seems only appropriate that we take a moment to recognize one superhero dad. And while most dads can do superhero-like feats for their family, few can say that they are both literally a superhero and a dad. And thanks to the wonder of social media, we are able to really get candid glimpses into the behind-the-scenes world of Thor’s alter-ego. And each time we do, our hearts and adoration for him grow more.

Here are just a few of the absolutely adorable moments that prove that Chris Hemsworth is not only one of the most talented stars in the world, but also one of the cutest fathers in existence.

There was the time his manly biceps were bulging while he made an adorable homemade dinosaur birthday cake for his daughter.

He even shared a close-up of the cake on his Instagram saying, “What happens when the bakery says they don’t have time to make your daughter a birthday cake? You get involved and smash one out yourself ! I call it “La TRex al la chocolate.” Because only Chris Hemsworth would think to call baking an adorable dinosaur cake “smashing one out yourself.”

But he doesn’t only cook for his daughter, India. Sometimes, he even cooks with her.

In fact, he does a lot of different activities with his children. He even uses them as adorable weights while he’s working out.

It’s clear, too, that he’s not all business. He looks completely content to take a pause during a busy day of play and give his little ones some seriously sweet hugs.

And he’s also happy the end of a long day (or even maybe sneaking a little, luxurious, midday nap), to hold his little ones close while they all catch some well-earned shut-eye.


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