Soon, you might be able to apply for jobs on your favorite dating apps

Dating and job interviews are an awful lot alike. You dress your best, you try to impress, and you apply extra deodorant just in case. Not surprisingly, the minds behind popular dating services and apps are starting to notice the connection between the two, and you know what that means: A whole new stream of connection media will soon be coming our way.


eHarmony may have started the job-hunting/dating trend in 2015, when they launched a small side site called Elevated Careers, designed to match job seekers with potential employers. According to the website’s blog, the site “researched the company’s cultures whose jobs are listed on our site and use that information to match you up with the most compatible employers.”

Basically, this means that the job-matching site uses a similar algorithm to eHarmony’s dating site to find areas of key compatibility that suggest a good match between employers and prospective employees. So instead of long walks on the beach, love of kittens, and putting family first being what brings you together, it may be your typing speed, social media savvy, and expertise in Mandarin that matches you with a job.

This idea could actually be a win-win, according to MoneyControl. For employers seeking Millennial applicants, it allows them access to a huge pool of job-seekers that consider the use of matching sites to be a basic human right. Similarly, for the media-literate, it permits the use of an ingrained skill set—that of crafting a personal image to attract ideal matches. Just as with online dating, it may also boost confidence: Being able to walk into an interview already knowing you have common ground can be as reassuring as walking into a first date knowing that if all else fails, you can watch cat videos together.