New reason to get an Apple watch: You can raise your Tamagotchi!

If you were a kid in the ’90s, your favorite toy for like three weeks was (probably) your Tamagotchi. If you don’t remember, the Tamagotchi (a virtual pet blob that ate, exercised, and pooped) came in the shape of a little egg with a keychain. So, you could conveniently carry and attach it to basically anything. It was wicked awesome. And now you can relive the experience of raising a pet Tamagotchi without having to buy one off Ebay. Instead, you can simply use an Apple Watch and keep your precious (and, OK, needy) Tamagotchi as close to you as possible!

According to The Daily Dot, the Tamagotchi app (which you can purchase for your smart phone) has made it possible for Apple Watch users to download the program. We’re pretty excited about this, since you can feed and play with your Tamagotchi with (almost literally) just the flick of your wrist. At the gym and need to give your Tamagotchi a little love? Easy. At work and feel like taking your Tamagotchi on a virtual walk? Problem solved.

Obviously, you would need to buy an Apple Watch first, but isn’t this a rad enough reason? If you’re like, “Yes, this idea is amazing, let’s do this thing,” just know: You might have to learn a little bit of Japanese — according to The Daily Dot,  “occasionally the notifications pop up in Japanese for some reason.”

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Images via, Daily Dot