How one woman sweetly told her husband she was expecting with the help of the Apple Watch

Don’t get us wrong, an Apple Watch is a pretty darn cool birthday present. Still, the ultimate gift for a couple who is trying to have a baby is a plus sign on a pregnancy test. We love this woman who pulled off the ultimate surprise when she gave her husband a positive pregnancy test in an Apple Watch box.

“This is a gift that’s been hiding in plain sight for a while, but I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share,” the wife explains in the video, as she presents the box to our hubs. The double entendres are making us die in the best possible way.

The husband is moderately excited to get an Apple Watch (Because who WOULDN’T be?), but when he sees his REAL present, he breaks down in just the sweetest tears. (And, you know, because they have the Apple Watch box, we’re pretty sure he also got that watch, so this was just an all-around great day for him).

Watch the adorable prank transform into a momentous occasion below:


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