Wow. We can’t believe we missed this weird thing about Apple

Apple is on our minds all time, right? We’re always dreaming up new apps (Instagram but only for cats! Burrito tracker! Hair Photoshop!) or impatiently waiting for news about the next iPhone or even the next next iPhone (I hear the 10 is going to be able to read your mind). But I bet you haven’t noticed this weird thing about Apple.

The company never uses Twitter.

The Huffington Post‘s Lorenzo Ligato recently pointed out that though the Twitter account @Apple has over 36,000 followers, it has yet to publish any tweets. The feed is pretty much a ghost town.

What? Seriously, the account – which has not been verified as Apple by the way – was created in 2011, but this is only just coming to our attention.

Analyst Brian Sozzi touched on Apple’s Twitter presence last year on CNBC, saying that since Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, tweets to his 1.71 million followers enough that the company would have, “nothing to gain by creating an account.”

While big companies often use their social media to promote sales or special offers, Apple maintains certain price points – which is, on one hand, dependable, and on the other, kind of annoying when you have to hand over your life’s savings and firstborn child to replace a broken iPhone screen.

However, @AppleMusic@iTunesTrailers, and @iBooks are all verified affiliate Apple accounts that update regularly to promote new music, trailers, and books.

Whether @Apple is really Apple or just a regular ol’ piece of fruit is still up for debate.

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