Apple pie Oreos might be a thing and they honestly can’t come soon enough

To any cooking-challenged individual tasked with bringing pies for the Thanksgiving dinner spread, help is on the way. Let’s face it: Not everyone is a skilled baker. That said, we’re pretty sure your fam will take these new Apple Pie Oreos over a sloppy, half-done apple pie that looks more like a science experiment gone wrong.

According to Delish, another junk food blessing in the form of a new Oreo flavor is heading to store shelves next year. Unfortunately, we have no idea exactly when Oreo’s newest cookie will be available or what precise ingredients this cool AF cookie will be comprised of, but an Instagram post by Junk Banter helps us put a face to the flavor.

When it comes to innovative flavors, we can hardly keep with Oreo’s new offerings. Over the past few months alone, they’ve presented us with a range of yum, combining chocolate chip cookies and Oreos (genius) and blowing our minds with the mere suggestion of Peeps-flavored Oreos.

Needless to say, we can’t wait to sample these Apple Pie cookies. Until they’re around to save us from embarrassment on Thanksgiving Day, we’ll just have to camouflage our botched attempts at baking by whipping up a batch of apple pie bourbon shots for this year’s holiday festivities, which should go over pretty well, because liquor + food = PERFECTION.