Apple is making an app just like Snapchat and Insta stories, because the more the merrier

Being the social media giants that they are, Snapchat and Instagram have been rolling out regular updates to improve user experience – like the latest Instagram Stories (which is very similar to Snapchat).

Now it seems like Apple is joining in on the fun, by developing an app that features editing capabilities, social integration, and creative filters.

According to Bloomberg, one of the features on the new app will be the ability to shoot through a “square, Instagram-like option.” Whaaaat?!


And apparently the app is being designed with super fast and efficient video functions in mind – so in less than one minute, you should be able to shoot, edit and upload a video with the software. Okay, that’s cool.

Oh yeah, and it’s aimed toward use with mostly one hand, if that makes a difference.


Hmmmm. It really seems like Apple is realizing the ingenuity of Snapchat and Instagram, and trying to improve upon it in their push toward being more active in the rapidly advancing communication and social media space!


Alright, we have an open mind, we’ll try anything once!

Word on the street is the new app will be released sometime in 2017 and be available in the App store as usual.

We hope it’s awesome.

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