Apple is giving the iPhone SE more storage space, so sing hallelujah and say goodbye to “Storage Almost Full” notifications

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to start deleting apps on your phone because there wasn’t enough storage space. Having heard our collective cries, Apple is releasing more storage options for their iPhone SE.

Until now, the iPhone SE has been sold with 16GB and 64GB storage, with a pretty significant price gap between the two.

As typical app sizes expand and expand, and more and more apps become relevant to our everyday lives, 16GB is proving to be pretty dang small when it comes to phone storage, especially for people who love taking photos and videos.

The big jump between storage options meant anyone who didn’t want to continually delete apps or move music, photos, and videos off their phones would need to pony up and pay for a 64GB device.

Now, a much-more-reasonable 32GB device will help keep costs down for iPhone users who would enjoy not having to delete their Netflix app whenever their phone runs out of storage.

For people with lots of music and media, a whopping 128GB phone is also now available. Better get downloading!