This new Apple iPhone bug could expose your personal info — even if your phone is locked

Siri, why have you wronged us? Why?! A new Apple iPhone bug is putting private user information at risk. And we hate to throw our girl under the bus, but Siri is to blame. According to Mac Magazine, an iPhone user discovered a bug that involves Siri being able to read the content of hidden notifications aloud, allowing anyone to access to that supposedly private information.

Apple’s iOS 11 gave users the option to hide the content of notifications from their iPhone lockscreens. The hidden information could only be revealed by unlocking the phone with Touch ID, Face ID, or by typing in a passcode.

But a reader of Mac Magazine, Danilo Finardi, discovered that if someone asks Siri to tell them what notifications they have (“Hey Siri, read my notifications”), she’ll totally blab about your personal info. Siri, come on!

Mashable tested out this claim and found that Siri does, in fact, read aloud messages from apps like Signal and WhatsApp on an iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus running on iOS 11.2.6. But, there is good news. Mashable couldn’t get Siri to read iMessages, which means your iPhone texts are seemingly safe from the bug.

However, as of right now, iMessage seems like the only messaging app that isn’t affected.

Mashable reached out to Apple for a comment, but the company has yet to respond.

Siri, we really thought we could trust you. But now…well, let’s just say we’re disappointed.

Now that this bug is public knowledge, all iPhone users’ privacy is at risk. If someone knows how to get to Siri, they know how to get into your personal information. Let’s hope Apple finds a quick fix before this bug puts private info into the wrong hands.

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