Apple accidentally just told us it’s about to get a LOT more helpful

Have you ever had an issue with your iPhone in the middle of the day, forced with the decision of whether you should try to navigate the company’s Support website on your wonked-out touch screen or sneak off to an over-crowded Genius Bar on your lunch break? Well, luckily, the process is about to get a whole lot easier.

According to uSwitch, Apple is developing an app that will make users be able to access Support on their mobile devices, rather than having to do it through an Internet browser. The app will know your devices, check in when its time for new updates, and offer a simplified version of the help site.

If you’ve ever sifted through the current Apple Support website, you know that it contains a mix of official posts and community discussions – sometimes for things that aren’t immediately concerning you, like glitches on the iPhone 2. Since this new app will be connected to your registered Apple products, the support will be more customized, with less trial and error when searching.

Much of this information, as well as screenshots of the app, comes from Sonny Dickson, who has leaked Apple information in the past.

Hopefully, if more Apple customers can rely on this new support app for help, Genius Bars might become less of a circus.

Here are screenshots of what the app will allegedly look like:

It hasn’t been announced whether these new features will be part of an update for the existing Support App or if it will be available as a stand-alone app on iTunes. But we are excited about ALL the updates re: this basically life changing announcement.

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