Looks like Apple is getting into the original series game, starting with this Dr. Dre show

Apple is the latest to join the original-TV programming craze, spearheading it with none other than Dr. Dre and a dark drama called Vital Signs, which is said to be semi-autobiographical. Each of the six episodes, a half-hour apiece, will center on a different emotion and the way Dr. Dre’s character relates to it, according to the Hollywood Reporter, not sparing sex and violence. (An orgy scene just taped in Los Angeles last week.)

Rumor has it Apple was going to produce original content a year ago, but better late than never. After all, it’ll be a challenge to catch up to companies like Netflix and Amazon and all the shows of theirs that we live for (Kimmy Schmidt or Transparent, anyone?)

Dr. Dre will be starring in the show, along with Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae, and Dr. Dre will executive produce as well. Dr. Dre came up with the show idea and pitched it to Jimmy lovine. You may remember how Dr. Dre and lovine sold their super popular Beats to Apple for $3 billion—yes, with a “b”!—back in 2014.

Of course, none of us could forget the success of Dr. Dre’s Straight Outta Compton either. It not only did incredibly well at the box office, $200 million worldwide, but also reminded us of his brand and star power.

For his new show, Dr. Dre chose co-executive producer-writer Robert Munic of Empire—which we LOVE—to write and executive produce Vital Signs, placing the show in a-mazing hands. Renowned music video director Paul Hunter will direct, which will make for an unstoppable combo of powerhouses and a one-of-a-kind show. We’re in.

As of right now, Vital Signs is the only scripted show in the works at Apple. In typical streaming fashion, all six episodes will be released at once. Apple Music, Apple’s streaming service, will probably distribute the show, but no confirmation has been made as to whether iTunes, Apple TV, or other Apple vehicles will be involved in distribution, too. However it’s distributed, we know one thing for sure: we’ll be waiting on pins and needles for this show to drop. I have a feeling this iconic rap superstar’s Vital Signs will become a vital hit.

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