The 2017 Apple Black Friday deals are too good to miss

Black Friday is hands down the best time of year to buy electronics. Retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart are known for their incredible Black Friday deals on products like LED TVs, video game consoles, cameras, and everything in between. There’s one brand name that isn’t typically synonymous with Black Friday — or any kind of deals, really — and that’s Apple. But this year, that’s changing.

Because these Apple Black Friday deals are good.

No, Apple itself hasn’t done a complete 180º and started offering Black Friday discounts and doorbusters. But there are still ways to score Apple Black Friday deals. How? By shopping at the big box retailers that sell Apple products.

Stores like Best Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Sam’s Club have some pretty impressive Apple Black Friday deals — including a deal on the shiny brand new iPhone X — that you won’t want to miss. Because you know you want to try the iPhone X selfie scene feature in Apple Clips.

But the savings extend way beyond new iPhone models. This year, you can take advantage of deals when you buy Apple products pretty much across the board, including iPhones, iPads, laptops, and Apple Watches. Apple hasn’t announced any deals of their own yet, but hey, you never know. Last year, they shocked the world by offering $150 gift cards with certain purchases.

Here are some of the best Apple Black Friday deals you should definitely take advantage of.

Yes, there really is an iPhone X Black Friday deal.


If you buy an iPhone X at Walmart, you’ll score a $300 Walmart gift card. You just need a qualifying AT&T Next or Verizon Device agreement. Not too shabby, considering it’s one of the best smartphones on the market right now.

There are Black Friday deals on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus too.


If you purchase either phone at Target, you’ll get a $250 Target gift card. In order to earn the deal, you’ll need to activate a Verizon, AT&T Next, or Sprint lease plan or 24-month installment plan.

If you have eyes for Sprint, head to Best Buy. You can save up to $200 off when you buy and activate either phone on Sprint’s monthly installment plan.

The same Walmart deal we mentioned earlier applies to these devices too. If you buy an iPhone 8 or an iPhone 8 Plus at Walmart with a qualifying AT&T Next or Verizon Device agreement, you’ll walk away with a $300 Walmart gift card.

Finally, at Sam’s Club, buying and activating either phone earns you a $100 Sam’s Club gift card. Imagine all the damage you could do in bulk.

In the market for an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 7 Plus? Right this way.


Yes, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are a year old now. But if you don’t want to shell out hundreds and hundreds for the latest and greatest models, these are A+ alternatives. And the same aforementioned Walmart and Sam’s Club gift card deals apply to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus!

These Apple iPad Pro deals are also insanely good.


Deals on Apple’s newest iPad, the iPad Pro, are few and far between. That is, until now. You can score one at Micro Center for just $499.99, marked down from $649.99. If you don’t live near a Micro Center (the deal is in-store only), you can still save a respectable amount at Target. The retailer will offer the tablet for $529.99.

This Apple iPad Mini 4 deal is great too.


If you don’t need the latest and greatest tablet and a slightly smaller version will do just fine, Best Buy has you covered. You can get the 128 GB Wi-Fi model of the iPad Mini 4 for $274.99. That’s $125 in savings.

And now, for some unheard of savings on the Apple MacBook Air.


If you thought Apple Black Friday deals were just for phones, think again. You can also score huge savings on the Apple MacBook Air at Best Buy. The 13-inch 128 GB model will be marked down from $999.99 to $799.99, and the 13-inch 256 GB model will be marked down from $1,199.99 to $999.99. We don’t need to tell you that kind of markdown is incredibly rare for Apple.

Fancy an Apple Watch Series 2?


At Dick’s Sporting Goods, you can save nearly $100 on the Nike+ version — it’s marked down from $369 to $279. And the non-Nike+ version of the Series 2 is also on sale, marked down from $399 to $329. Score!

In the immortal words of Steve Jobs: But there is one more thing.

How about an Apple Watch Series 1?


If you’re new to the world of smartwatches, now is the perfect time to try out the Apple Watch Series 1 and see how you like it. You can snag the Series 1 from Target for $179.99, which is $70 off. Or, you can score the same deal — $70 off — with a doorbuster deal at Macy’s.

Phew. We had no idea there were so many Apple Black Friday deals. Happy shopping!

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