All the applause: Chrissy Teigen just called out her online bullies

If you ever want to lose faith in humanity, all you need to do is scroll through the comment sections of the internet. If you’re looking for an example, just take a peek at Chrissy Teigen‘s Instagram comments, which are filled to the brim with online bullies who target Teigen and each other. Even Chrissy herself has taken notice of this – but luckily, she’s fighting back.

Early yesterday morning, Chrissy took to Twitter to release her frustration with all the negative comments and arguments that double as responses to her Instagram posts. She tweeted at the social media platform directly, writing, “[email protected] needs an option to disable comments for the sanity of my followers who go absolutely bonkers on each other for HOURS on end.

Chrissy may be in the public eye, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a human being with thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Commenters most likely believe she doesn’t see what they’re typing, but that clearly isn’t the case. Just like any other person on this planet, Chrissy isn’t immune to negativity. The only difference is that she has the power to enact change – especially since she’s now talking about something we should all be talking about. 

“I understand it would result in less engagement, which = less $, but i can promise significantly less engagement when i quit because of it,” Chrissy writes to her 1.47 million Twitter followers. “I can’t have people threatening each other and losing their minds in extremely HARMLESS photos. It isn’t something I will take anymore.”

In response, one Twitter user suggested that Chrissy monitor her own comments by reporting the ones she doesn’t feel are appropriate. Understandably, Teigen responded“I cannot spend my time reporting thousands of individual comments.” Considering that she has 6.5 million followers on Instagram, this makes perfect sense. It isn’t Chrissy’s job to make sure the people of the internet are courteous.

Someone else wondered how controversial Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram posts really are. After all, if you scroll through her feed, it’s mostly pictures of herself, John Legend, their baby girl Luna, and (of course) food. Yet, Chrissy maintains that everything is fair game on the internet. She asserted“Oh honey, i had countries going to WAR trying to claim baklava.”

With all of this in mind, we have to agree: An Instagram feature allowing users to disable comments would come in handy. Not only would it put it an obstacle before online bullying – it would also make the virtual world a more positive place for all the selfies, cute animal pics, and #foodporn out there.

But in the meantime? Let’s all TRY to be nice.

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