Apparently these two basic questions can determine how smart you are

If you’ve ever wondered how smart you really are, but haven’t had the opportunity/are too lazy to take an IQ test, now’s your chance.

Originally appearing in The Guardian, the shortest IQ test we’ve ever seen asks just two basic questions — and they don’t even involve math. The two very simple questions come from Ben Ambridge’s Psy-Q psychological test, which is based off of this study found in the British Journal of Psychology, and can apparently tell you how smart you are.

Ready to find out if you’re, in fact, super smart (according to these questions)? Choose your responses before reading on, and don’t cheat (or cheat, but then you’ll never know if you’re a genius).

1. Does living in a crowded area get you down?

(a) a lot; (b) a bit; (c) not at all

2. Would you prefer to socialize with friends every day, as opposed to just once or twice a week?

(a) hell, yeah!; (b) maybe a bit; (c) no

Okay, got your answers? Great.


If you answered b or c to the first question and c to the second, then your response is similar to intelligent people.

Here’s why: Based on the average IQ being 100, the study found that living in a highly populated area negatively impacted those with a lower IQ (an average of 81), while those with a high IQ (an average of 116) were fine living in crowded areas.

The study discovered that hanging out with friends every day, rather than just a couple of times a week, is associated with greater life satisfaction among the lower IQ group, but lower for those who are more intelligent.

But wait. Before you celebrate, being smarter might not be the better option in this situation. The study also found that intelligent people tend to socialize more often than less intelligent people, even though they’re generally irritated when doing so.

Obviously this isn’t the most COMPREHENSIVE IQ test, but hey, it’s definitely interesting to think about.