Apparently the secret to a perfect pout is WASABI, and, TBH, we’re dying to try it

When it comes to beauty, we’re quick to turn to the beauty masters of social media: the beauty gurus of Instagram! And expert Farah Dhukai is FILLED with genius beauty hacks. One we just can’t get over is her trick for a perfect pout: WASABI. Like, whaaat?! It never would have occurred to us to give this a try, but now that we’ve learned about it we’re oh-so-curious about whether or not it’ll give us the perfect lips with ease.

Beauty expert Farah shared her secret to a perfect pout on her Instagram account, and we’re still *so* obsessed with this surprising trick!

Farah explained,

"🙄As you may have noticed, I have VERY wrinkly lips and its cold AF in Toronto so now theyre super dry too. Wrinkly + Dry = worst combination ever!! SOOO.. THIS one trick is a great way to get plump lips that look like youve had fillers - theyll be extremely soft, wrinkles will be filled in, theyll have a natural pink color, and theyll be so plump ppl will think youve had them done🙃"

The beauty guru continued,

"✅WASABI! - $4 for a tube at the grocery store or you can keep the leftovers from sushi dates 🍣😛take a tiny amount and rub it all over your lips ⏰leave on for NO MORE THAN 1 minute wipe off with a damp cloth or baby wipe 💦moisturize IMMEDIATELY!"

So how long can you expect your new look to last? Farah explains,

"the plumpiness lasts a whole day for me - but everyone is different so results will vary from person to person. The wasabi does sting but it's less than your traditional lip plumper and the effects last longer"

Who would’ve thought that wasabi would be the secret we needed? TBH, we’ll try anything once, so don’t be surprised to find us rocking wasabi lips of our own!