Apparently there’s something called a “super orgasm”

Just when we thought we knew all the ins and outs of sex, something gets added to the mix that totally surprises us. Apparently there is such a thing as a super orgasm, where in which a woman experiences many multiple orgasms in a row.

100 to be exact! 100 orgasms IN A ROW. This revelation comes to us from a Channel 4 documentary called The Super Orgasm, and their research included studying the brain activity of five different women. The ability to have a super orgasm apparently comes down to three key factors: being relaxed and uninhibited during sex, having done lots of yoga, and being emotionally bonded to your partner.

According to The Sun“Those with the ability of being “super orgasmic” typically have greater blood flow to their genitals compared to “single orgasmic” women.” Intriguing…

via giphyThey continue, “On the show, there also appears to be a biological difference in the women who experience super orgasms. Women who experience single orgasms will usually have low levels of alpha waves – which rise as they climax. But, “super orgasmic” women have high alpha waves throughout masturbation – which means they’re relaxed during the whole experience.” Yup, we’ve heard the case for relaxing.

Of course, actively trying to let go and be relaxed and have a super orgasm probably won’t result in a relaxing, super-orgasmic experience…so the best way to enjoy sex is to not over-think it and have fun. The resulting overall experience will hopefully then be positive for both parties (regardless of how many orgasms follow).

via giphyNothing like learning about the intricacies of sex on a Wednesday afternoon!

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