Apparently parents of little kids should *maybe* reconsider those snazzy new Apple AirPods

Ever since that major ~fancy debut~ day for the iPhone 7 and 7s, things have been looking a little shaky for what was supposed to be our new favorite device. First we found out that the new EarPods were actually pretty glitchy, and then we learned that the iPhone 7 hisses when it’s stressed… which, okay, is *so* us, but isn’t something we necessarily want our phones to do.

Now a new problem has made itself known: the new AirPods are actually a choking hazard.

Really, it makes sense. They’re super little, which immediately makes them a hazard for our little ones, as babies love anything teensy and dangerous. Plus, they don’t have any wires, so if they do get swallowed… it could just be a pretty major mess.

Of course, this concern began bubbling up all over the internet.


Sorry, Apple, but it looks like the parents of the world (and just the generally baby-obsessed) aren’t going to be grabbing a pair of AirPods any time soon. But if you don’t have kids (or any tiny beings who might make a snack of your bajillion dollar headphones), this stress shouldn’t impact your use of the wireless headphones much.

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