Apparently La Niña is coming, and here’s what you need to know

Everyone remembers El Nino, right? That period of time in the ’90s when everything was super hot, and “Blame it on El Niño” was like the dad-joke supreme? Well it turns out El Niño has a sister, and she’s coming right for us.

Uproxx let us know that La Niña is here to change winter, meaning that temperatures will be unusually warm and dry in some places and cooler and wetter in others.

We’ve already heard that winter is going to be brutal for many regions in the U.S., so you might already be making plans to cozy up with some cider or preparing for a dry winter if you’re in California or certain southern states.

So you might be asking…what exactly is La Niña?  Is it the same as El Niño? And those are pretty reasonable questions.

While El Niño is a weather phenomenon that causes ocean temperatures to be unusually warm, La Niña is the opposite — it causes ocean temperatures to be unusually cold (but there are fluctuations in both).

Basically, California will experience warmer winter temperatures with more (unfortunately) dry spells, while Canada and states close to it will experience colder temperatures and possibly (probably) storms.

The bottom line is we unfortunately should prepare for unusual — and sometimes kind of extreme — weather. That means making sure there’s a coat and beanie in our wardrobe, or shorts and flip-flops, depending on where you’re located.

The good news is this is apparently a relatively mild form of the phenomenon, so the weather should level out after a few months.

And change is good sometimes…right?