Apparently this kind of exercise isn’t very good at all for your vagina

If you’re someone who detests spending time on your exercise bike, whether you’re in the gym or outdoors, you may be doing yourself a favor. According to recent research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, it appears that spending too much time on a bike can actually desensitize your vagina and lead to a decrease in your sexual experience.

How did researchers come to this conclusion? Back in 2012, when the study took place, researchers looked at female cyclists as well as female runners. Study results suggest that particular bikes used by cyclists (who had to cycle at least 10 miles per week to be eligible for the study) had an impact on “vaginal and labial genital sensation.”

What does this mean, exactly? Researchers discovered that bikes with handlebars lower than the saddle are likely to cause more impact because of the “increased perineum saddle pressures” that, for some reason, particularly affect your left labial genital sensation.

Interestingly, researchers discovered a similar impact on sexual sensations in male cyclists. That’s right: Male cyclists male also have a lack of sensation, and as Cate Harvey-Jenner at Cosmo points out, in extreme cases, this can even lead to erectile dysfunction.

Our suggestion if you love to cycle but don’t want to risk losing sexual sensations? Invest in a nice cushion! This is a great chance to treat yo’self, right?

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