Apparently “kale masks” are a thing and we’re dying to try them out

We LOVE face masks. Nothing makes us feel quite as lovely and beautiful as lounging around with some Netflix and a chic mask on. We can honestly say we’ve never had a mask speak more directly to our souls than this one. Introducing this absolutely amazing, good-for-skin Kale Mask! Created by small brand Brown & Coconut, this Kale Mask is one skincare product that we just cannot get over. Like, seriously, we’re dying to try this out! Because who doesn’t need some kale masks in their life?!

Ranging from $2 to $18 (you can get it as a sample, or full size!) the Healing Kale Mask from Brown & Coconut is truly calling to our mask-and-kale obsessed souls.

The brand explains,

"There is no such thing as too much pampering. The limit does not exist."

Now that’s a message we’re here for. They explain,

"Rewarding our faces tonight with a blend of our Kale Mask and water to create a healing, refreshing mask."

Plus, these kale masks are TOTALLY REAL.

"We use actual dried kale for those kale benefits we all dream of."

"Our rich, earthy kale mask contains a healing blend of plants and herbs that treat unbalanced and blemished skin. Loaded with vitamin A, kale works to repair and hydrate the skin, while French green clay, lemon verbena, neem, and thyme combine forces to fight acne."

"Neem and thyme, along with honeysuckle are also calming, helping to soothe irritation, so you’ll be sporting clear, happy skin in no time!"

BRB, we’ve seriously gotta give this mask a shot! If kale can make major magic happen on our insides, we’re pretty sure it’ll work some equally ah-mazing magic on our outsides. Either way, it’ll make for some adorable selfies!