This is apparently the best-tasting hot dog brand, according to the experts

Happy Fourth of July! If you’re like us, you have big plans to fire up the grill and share some all-American BBQ with family and friends. And one of our favorite summer foods? Hot dogs, of course. But when you’re at the grocery store, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the brands out there. Which ones are worthy of your barbecue?

Thankfully, the New York Times conducted a blind hot dog taste test to help you navigate the deli case at your local market.

First, they had to set up the rules. The test would be conducted among all-beef franks, cooked on a gas grill until well browned.

First, they were tasted plain to “evaluate the intrinsic qualities of the hot dog: seasoning, beefiness, snap, texture.” Then, they were put on a bun with each judge’s preferred condiments, because 1) the whole point of hot dogs is the condiments, and 2) to assess each hot dog brand as a package deal.

The judges declared two winners: Wellshire Farms, an all-natural brand of uncured beef franks, took the gold, with garlicky, spicy, herby, and smoky flavors. They were slightly bigger than the Hebrew National hot dogs, which came in as a close second. The latter are more widely available than the first, which you can only find at Whole Foods.

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Applegate, Nathan’s, Oscar Mayer, Boar’s Head, The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company, and Niman Ranch were all considered, well, not bad.

The losers? Trader Joe’s and Ball Park. While popular options, they had less flavor and tasted more of additives than the others. So if you’ve stocked up on one of these for your barbecue, maybe make a run to the supermarket for a better brand. Your guests deserve something a little better than that!

Happy barbecuing!!