Apparently, all we want from our wine is a pretty label which sounds about right

Raise your hand if you have ever been walking through the store in search of a bottle of wine to kick back and sip, only to be rather bored by and indifferent to your options? Sure, there are times when you DGAF what you drink and are just looking for a cheap bottle (or three) that will get the job done. Turns out, all that really matters is the wine label when we’re choosing some vino. But what about those nights when you actually want to, ya know, enjoy what you’re drinking?

Apparently 71 percent of wine drinkers say that the label on a wine bottle affects whether or not they purchase the wine, and that many wine drinkers say that many labels are ugly. What do we want on a wine label, you ask? Well, eye-catching graphics, bright colors, and creative designs were consistently the most desired attributes by wine drinkers. Most labels are drab; they feature earth tones, little to no design, and even worse: no information regarding what the wine actually tastes like.

It’s kind of bizarre if you think about it. If you buy a case of beer, it’ll tell you if it’s an IPA, what it tastes like, and usually where it was brewed. When you buy hard liquor, you can easily read the label and see where it was distilled and whether it tastes like apricot or smoked bacon. But with wine, we get none of that. Just words like “Rosé” or “White Zinfandel” or “Sauvignon Blanc” or a bunch of other words that are intimidating to people who don’t peruse Californian vineyards in their free time.

So more than anything, like pretty labels and cool graphics, wine drinkers want information. Where was the wine bottled? What does it taste like? What should we pair it with? It might take a while for wine brands to catch on and add all this information to the back of wine bottles. But in the meantime, we guess a beautiful wine label will do.

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