This app will write personalized letters to Congress for you and make you sound just a little smarter than you already are

Is it just us or does it seem like everyone is just a teensy bit more in politics than they ever were before? Contentious elections have a way of doing that to people. You’ve probably noticed an influx of people on Facebook urging you to write to your legislators. Well, not there’s an app for that — this new tool writes to Congress for you, so if you’re not the greatest at putting all your political angst into a legible email, technology will take care of it. Ah, the future.

Even better, MyLetter helps you craft a personalized, informed (and so effective) letter to the representative of your choice. It takes every aspect of letter-writing that might seem daunting (from the actual research, writing, and trying to figure out if stamps still exist) and helps you work through it without having to rely on trite and overused form letters.

So how does it work? You simply input what you’re writing about, a few reasons you care about that particular issue, and it creates a coherent and well-written letter for you. Find the idea of mailing an actual letter to be overwhelming? For an additional $2, MyLetter takes care of that too: they’ll print out and mail the letter to whichever political figure you choose.

What makes MyLetter so unique is the letters themselves — there are millions of variations, ensuring politicians won’t be receiving the same old forms that they’ve gotten used to, which hopefully will be a sign to them that people really are paying attention. Even if they prefer using a letter generator to make themselves hears. And it’s been proven that written letters are harder to ignore than emails (after all, you can’t just click delete on a letter). MyLetter helps people to reach out and speak passionately about the issues and policies that concern them, even if writing isn’t their strong suit.

See? Technology isn’t all bad.

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