This app will translate movie dialogue to Spanish in real time

Apps are the taking over our digital lives in more ways than one. Before, they were just seen as ways to entertain ourselves, but now they’ve shown that they have appeal in terms of making daily life a little easier for us all. And now, a new app will translate movie dialogue to Spanish…in real time. How cool is that?

The new app, Mylingo, will be a movie goer’s new best friend.

Spanish-speaking moviegoers with the app will be able to have the film translated for them, in real time, so they don’t have to miss a thing. All you need is your smartphone and a pair of headphones to enjoy.

The app is only available for iOS users right now, but Mylingo could be moving to Android and Google Play soon.

The cool part is that Mylingo isn’t just your average app. It’s partnered with companies like Disney, Paramount, Sony, and Regal Entertainment Group to ensure that their movies are compatible with the Mylingo software. But that extra step is worth it for users who would otherwise not have the same moviegoing experience because of a language barrier.

Give Mylingo a try this holiday season when you go see films like Moana or Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie!

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