This site will send prescription grade beauty products to your door for $20

It’s hard out here for a girl just trying to get some nice skin. If you don’t have health insurance (or have it but have insane copays, or have it but just like, hate going to the doctors) or you just want good skin on the cheap, there’s an online service that will send pharmacy grade beauty products for cheap, directly TO YOUR DOOR.


Curology will create a medicated cocktail full of ingredients you usually can’t get without a prescription and then they mail it to your house every month for $19.95 per month. As someone who would literally burn her skin off if someone told me it would erase my fine lines on the cheap, I immediately had to sign up.

Curology boasts that its products are best for acne and anti-aging, so if you have some sort of weird fungus on your leg, you probably want to go to an actual doctor.

I personally checked it out for sun spots, some fine lines, and general skin resurfacing.

They will ask you to fill out a skin questionnaire and medical history form, send photos of your skin, and then a doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner will message you.



The nurse messaged me and I told her I was specifically interested in vitamin C. I had just heard good things about it for combating sunspots, but I knew it was best to get as a medical-grade product and generally expensive if you try to buy it in a serum at Sephora, or whatever. After the nurse asked me some more questions about my skin health and needs, she prescribed niacinamide, tretinoin and vitamin C for my skin. Depending on your skin concerns, you might need a completely different combination of medication. She also sent a super detailed description of what each medication does and how to apply it.

I said, “Dope, send it over” and like, three days later this showed up in the mail.


Really, the thing that made me want to try this service is that I can get products like tretinoin without having to take time off work, see a dermatologist, pay a copay, and then go to a pharmacy. Bonus: I also found out they can prescribe oral medications too. For example, they could refill my spironolactone prescription for my acne, which I will definitely look into when my current prescription runs out.

Disclaimer: It might not work for everyone and if you have a serious skin condition like acne vulgaris, I would recommend seeing a doctor, but if you, like me, just want to even out some non-debilitating skin conditions like acne scars or wrinkles, this seems like the most affordable option there is!

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