This app uses your love of burritos to find the love of your life

Dating and match-making are tough gigs, that’s why there are apps to streamline the treacherous process. Some of them go deep into narrowing down the options, others are aimed at the younger demographic or specifically at plus-sized women, and then, you know, there’s that special one that comes along and trumps all other dating devices.

We’re talking about Zoosk, which is not a new website, however they have a brand new feature to determine relationship compatibility: love for burritos. Yep, it’s called Burrit-OH! and it’s perfect because let’s face it, if you’re in a relationship with someone, you’re going to spend a lot of your life eating with them. Might as well enjoy the same food!

Apparently the site was unveiled as an April Fools prank, but due to popular demand it’s still in operation! It also has the best tagline ever, “Meat Your Burrito Soulmate!” So it needs to stay around.

The way it works is users sign up with some quick information and a photo, indicating whether they’re a “male burrito lover” or a “female burrito lover,” and then what they’re interested in – a male or female burrito lover in return. If tacos are more your thing, there’s an option to find a fellow taco lover instead. Wait, no that’s an actual prank.


Then based on the ingredient preferences you tell it, the site calculates what percentage of burrito match you are. It goes into detail, with a bunch of different mouth-watering ingredient options to fill your ultimate yummy burrito.


And once you find a match, it basically eliminates the problem of figuring out what to do on your first date. Ummmm go eat some slam-dunk burritos of course.

Can this site keep operating until forever? PLEASE?

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