This app tells you what single people in your state hate the most

How many times have you bonded with someone over something you both absolutely despise? Well, there’s an app that tells you what single people hate most in your state — which weirdly sounds pretty great! No, seriously, the dating app is called Hater, and true to its name, it matches people based on the things they hate, which sounds kind of genius, tbh.

We wouldn’t recommend completely discriminating against a prospective date based on Hater’s generalized data, but if this can help reduce the number of first date horror stories, we’re obviously all for it (imagine, you spend literally hours getting ready for a first date, only to discover that the person hates GoT. Or worse, DOGS!)

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When it comes to dating, the more informed you are about what you’re getting into, the better. Thanks to Hater’s state-by-state breakdown of who hates what and where, you’ll be able to weed out all those dating prospects who you thought were hot, but geographically speaking, are totally not.

Ha! Just kidding (sort of).

Here are all the state-based dislikes, according to data compiled by Hater:

So, if you’re looking to date in Maryland, hopeless romantics need not apply because people in that state absolutely loathe the idea that everyone has a soulmate. In Kentucky, the primary source of hateration stems from friends who ask you to help them move (SAME).

Additionally, Michigan people hate trap music (srsly?!?), and if you hope the love of your life shares your disdain for boy bands, your bae might be in Colorado, where people hate *NSYNC.

We gotta say, this Hater app is hee-larious, and probably the most creative attempt to turn hate into love.