Things that exist: an app that tells you McDonald’s ice cream machine is down

As any McFlurry fanatic knows, it’s not always easy to get your hands on the popular, candy-infused soft serve treat. That’s because McDonald’s ice cream machines goes down, kind of on the frequent side (or at least, it feels that way — and maybe we’re so emotional about this because we just love McFlurries so much). But now, an app has been launched to spare you the heartbreak of going to McDonald’s anticipating your fave delicious dessert, only to have your hopes cruelly dashed by a malfunctioning machine. The app, called Ice Check, allows you to search for your local McDonald’s and confirm that their ice cream machine is working before you head over.

If McDonald’s ice cream isn’t your vice of choice (congrats), you may be thinking, “Uhh, is this really that big of a deal?” And to that we say: Yes, yes it is. A quick search on Twitter confirms that McDonald’s ice cream machine breakdowns are definitely a thing, and the letdown is real. We just love us some McDonald’s McFlurries! Witness this small sampling of the devastation people felt when their ice cream cravings went unmet: false false false

People tweet stuff like this every day. This guy even took some Halloween inspiration from the commonplace tragedy, LOL. false

It was this exact situation that inspired D.C. writer Raina McLeod to invent Ice Check. “It’s so small, [but] it can be so irritating,” she told DCInno. At first, she was just joking when she posted a video about inventing an app that would solve her McFlurry problem. But when people responded encouragingly, she realized she should actually do it.

So how does Ice Check work? Well, Raina’s trying to get McDonald’s franchise owners on board, but—for now, at least—the app relies on crowd-sourced information. That means that users enter real-time updates on the status of the ice cream machines by actually going to McDonald’s and flipping a switch on the app to indicate whether their machine is working or not. So if you go to a McDonald’s that was marked on Ice Check as having a working ice cream machine an hour ago, and find that it’s now broken, you can at least take solace in knowing your heroism will spare others the same disappointment.

…But in all likelihood, if someone recently checked in and switched the ice cream machine indicator to ON, that means there’s an ice cream cone in your immediate future!

In these fractious and dark times we find ourselves in, we’re so grateful that something as wholesome and unifying as Ice Check exists. Raina McLeod is a true American hero.

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Now go make her proud by downloading the app and figuring out where to get your fix. And spread the word.