This app takes cats’ selfies and sends them to you, which sounds too beautiful for words

If you’re getting kind of bored with looking at human selfies all day, then perhaps you’ll be interested in an app that takes cat selfies and sends them to you. According to The Daily Dot, in order to get the most from the Candid Catmera app, users must first own a cat (or at least share living space with one) and a burning desire to support animal shelters (and who’s not up for that?).

So, if that sounds like you, here’s how it works: When you’re away, the Candid Catmera app produces a sound to get the cat’s attention, which isn’t always the simplest task, because everyone knows that cats are super selective with what they choose to focus on. In the event that the noise actually manages to captivate your kitty, the app loads a game that puts your feline companion in the mood to play. Once the kitty does one of those things cats do without realizing they’re adorable, your iPad snaps a photo and sends it to your phone via text.

Sounds purrfect, right? Honestly, there’s only so many duck face selfies you can scroll through in a day. Besides, history has repeatedly shown us the many ways in which animals are *so* much more fascinating than our fellow humans, so we can definitely see ourselves getting a ton of use from this observational, selfie-snapping app.

And here’s the kicker: For every download of the Candid Catmera app ($2.79), one dollar of the total cost goes to supporting the SPCA.

Love it! The more cat selfies the merrier.