This new app is being called Snapchat for your nails, so we’re intrigued

Confession: I love press-on nails. The upkeep of acrylic nails can be unbearably expensive, but a pack of plastic, glittery nails from CVS cost at least half the price of a trip to the salon, and glue is included. Wearing fake nails is always a fun way to channel your inner Lady Gaga, and a way to try nail art trends without actually attempting to paint your own cheetah print — it’s so much harder than those Instagram videos make it look!

A new app is taking at-home manicures to a whole new level, a 3D level! The MM Nails app works with special sets of press-on nails and a smart phone to allow users to add “holograms” to their design. Yes, the artwork only exists inside the phone, but the holograms are super shareable. The little animations are adorable – definitely not something you could DIY – and range from fireworks to dancing animals. The app creates still photos or small videos that are just begging to be posted to social media.

“Virtual GIFs pop from the surface of our fashion nails,” the CEO of Metaverse Makeovers, Thea Baumann, told Mashable on Wednesday when the new video feature launched. “3D emoji fly out of your fingers.”

Here’s how it works. First, apply MM press-on nails. Looks pretty darn easy.

Then, use the app to scan those bad boys.

Once the app detects your nails, start decorating!

Here’s an example of a photo created in the app, starring a cute ‘lil lamb buddy.

And here’s a 3D video that shows some of the cool emojis you can add to your nails.

The only downside to this feat of beauty innovation is that the app only works with Metaverse nails. Right now, there are four designs available (two are cheetah print, which pleases me greatly), and they cost between $22.50 and $34.50. Also, the products are shipping from Hong Kong and Melbourne, so those who order should be prepared to be patient.

But, let’s face it, the ability to make videos of glitter exploding out of your nails will probably be worth the wait.

(Images via MetaverseMetaverseMetaverse, and Metaverse.)

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