This app might just make meeting new people less awkward

With all of our wonderful-but-weird modern technology, meeting someone doesn’t just mean saying “hello.” It means getting to know them online as well. This is where it can get complicated. Is this the person I met earlier, or just someone on Facebook with the same name? Why can’t I get a closer look at her face? Her profile is private! Ugh!

No more! The new app “Knock Knock” knows that struggle is all too real, so it’s here to make things a little easier. Using location technology, simply “knock” on your screen to be instantly connected with anyone within a 150 ft radius of where you’re standing.

Here’s how it works: double-tap on your screen to see who is nearby, and if they double-tap back, you can exchange information like Twitter handles or contact information.

Ankur Jain, CEO of the startup Humin who created Knock Knock, explained the incentive to create this kind of technology:

The app is also good for if you met someone that one time, but can’t remember when, or why, or what you said. Knock Knock stores all the info it gets when you connect with someone for the first time, so you can always scroll back through your connections to see exactly how this mystery relationship started.

Knock Knock is available now on iOS and Android, but is currently limited to college students at places like Stanford, Cornell and Harvard. Soon, it will open up to all colleges, and then to everyone. If you’re not a student, you can still add yourself to the wait list to make sure you’re the first to know when it’s available. Happy knocking!

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