We just found an app that makes you sparkle like diamonds, and apparently a ton of celebs already use it

Is it just us or have all of our favorite celebrities gone glittery? At first we thought our eyes were going bonkers. But now we’ve learned that celebrities on Instagram are using an app to sparkle diamond-style, and it’s something we just might have to try.

The $.99 app is called KiraKira+ and it supposedly gives your photos and videos a glitter effect. KiraKira’s App Store description states that, “light emitting materials and reflective object[s] will shine even more.”

Basically, if your highlight is already banging, KiraKira will amp up that glow like nobody’s business.

Just ask any of the models who appeared on Pat McGrath’s Instagram during NYFW.

The app softens the face and seemingly increases the image’s exposure to bright, reflective objects. Think Old Hollywood glamour shots in color.

KiraKira also uses a slide option to increase or decrease the sparkle effect. So if you have on a garment that is already sparkly as is, you can instantly turn yourself into a walking disco ball/fairy queen/some beautiful alien life form that makes us weep because it’s just so beautiful.

We never thought we could see this much sparkle in one shot and it’s honestly making us want to put on the sparkliest item in our closet STAT.

The best part about the app is that everyone can use it. It’s not just for models and celebrities (even though they seem to all know about it). You can head over to the App Store and install KiraKira+ on your phone for mere cents.

And if those $.99 can make us look like we’re swimming in millions of dollars worth of diamonds —

— then we’re thinking buying this app is totally worth it. BRB! Just covering ourselves in glitter via technology!

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